Our new Puppy Care Service

We’re really excited about our new Puppy Care Service. This service was introduced to help new puppy parents address the extra-care requirements needed by their puppies.  No more stress worrying about your puppy while you’re at work . . . utilize our Puppy Care service and know that your pup is in good hands!

A hybrid of our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services, our Puppy Care service consists of multiple daily visits (usually 2), Monday through Friday, each week to help ensure that your pup is safe and sound while you’re at work. 

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Puppy Care Service Rates


Longer duration visits are available upon request.*


Why choose The Tail Trail’s Puppy Care Service?


Having the ability to design a Puppy Care package that parallels the daily routine that you’re establishing with your puppy will promote consistency, help with house-breaking, and reduce separation anxiety. 


Keeping your puppy in the safety and comfort of home, rather than elsewhere, is by far the best option.  Creating and maintaining a consistent routine at home will allow your puppy to thrive and reduce separation anxiety, while you’re at work.

Bonded and Insured

All of our staff members are bonded, insured, and background checked.

How to best utilize our Puppy Care service

Monday through Friday between 9am & 11pm and a 2nd visit between 1pm & 3pm.

Unlike adolescent or adult dogs who typically require a single visit each day while their parents are at work, a puppy will often need at least two, especially if crated.

We generally provide our Puppy Care Service Monday through Friday during the hours of 9:00am & 11:00am, and then again between the hours of 1:00pm & 3:00pm.  The visit arrival times are driven by the time you leave for work each morning and the time you return home each evening.

During our visits we will:

  • Walk with your puppy (we will even leash train your pup, at no charge)
  • Feed her/him, when scheduled
  • Administer medication, if necessary, and
  • Clean and dispose of any accidents

Call 201-669-7525 to schedule your appointment