Cat Owner

Joe stopped by before I left and met Spencer (my cat) and got the lay of the house and where things were.  Spencer liked him as he was friendly and certainly has a way with animals.  He also left things tidy and took the trash out.  I recommend Joe and The Tail Trail team if you are going out of town.

Dog Owner

We are so delighted to have found "The Tail Trail" we love our pup and find it hard to leave him for long periods of time.  Joe and his crew give us complete confidence.  They understand our concerns and tailor a perfect plan to fit our dogs needs!

Cat Owner

I am so impressed with how good a job you do.  Leaving the cats for such a long period was hard and Pagi let me know it - meow meow for hours.  I depended on you for their well being and you succeeded!


Thank you so much for helping us out and watching Snoopy while we were away!  I know that you went an extra mile for us, and really appreciate it.  I will definitely recommend your services to my friends, and hope to do business with you again - if Snoopy didn't give you too much trouble :)